Owning Your Story

The internet earthquake that has shaken the media landscape in recent years has created opportunity as never before for organizations to tell their own stories. Two of the vast changes resulting from the internet are most responsible: the proliferation of online news sites that are hungry for content and the collapse of journalism’s economic model.  It’s wonderful to have so many sources for news, but the decision by many news organizations to give the product away gratis and the resulting conviction among consumers that news should be a free commodity, means publishers can’t afford to hire enough writers.  This has led to a growing receptiveness to accept outside contributed content, presenting a great opportunity for companies to share newsworthy stories, not commercials, mind you, but well-written, quality articles that offer compelling, relevant information.

Many organizations spend substantial sums trying to gain a mention in news articles. Sometimes, it’s worth the investment, but, the story will be told through the journalist’s lens. In contrast, opinion articles or even branded content offer the opportunity to share one’s opinion or news directly, without the filtering that comes through a reporter’s pen. Creating your own quality content is a certain route to winning with the media.

Because many top-tier publications are now more receptive than ever to contributed content, there has never been a better time to influence minds and build reputation by creating original content.  Chernoff Communications specializes in helping organizations craft contributed content.