Media Training

Chernoff Communications media training sessions empower clients to transform interviews into memorable, directed conversations that generate desired results. We eliminate a “firing squad” mentality in which the interview subject feels he must dutifully follow the lead of the interviewer, and replace it with a strategic approach to media interviews. 

Allan Chernoff utilizes his three decades of on-camera broadcast news experience to teach executives how to:

  • expertly deliver key messages
  • make media appearances more impactful
  • eliminate anxiety
  • remain poised
  • enjoy the interview process
  • manage tough questions
  • bridge to message
  • increase one's value to journalists

Our intensive on-camera practice sessions, followed by constructive videotape review, build confidence as we refine presentation skills. Clients emerge confident, empowered to meet the media and maximize opportunities during interviews

Allan will discuss how to master the media through awareness of the verbal, visual and vocal aspects of communication. Collaboratively, we will explore your essential messages, drilling down to their core. We then crystallize core messages so that they are “soundbite ready”- easy to deliver and useful for reporters. Messages that may run several paragraphs get boiled down to simple phrases. This process can be extremely helpful, giving executives a critical edge in their interviews, and allowing for easy preparation.  

All our learning is put to work during practice interview sessions that are recorded on camera so we can provide immediate feedback. After a few minutes of questioning we’ll stop and review the tape together. Here we are able to show clients how they can raise the level of their performance, be more directed, engaging and convincing. The feedback is both constructive and supportive. Then, we pose more questions, creating an opportunity to improve on the spot (clients always do).  We will ask difficult questions, allowing clients to practice bridging and taking control of the conversation.  The day’s discussions, exercises, and repeated interviews, followed by immediate feedback equip executives to consistently deliver successful media interviews that have impact.