Chernoff Communications Media Training

Chernoff Communications media training empowers clients to transform interviews into directed conversations that leave viewers, listeners and readers with memorable messages. We eliminate a “firing squad” mentality in which the interview subject feels obliged to dutifully follow the lead of his questioner, and replace it with a strategic approach to media interviews that maximizes opportunities to ensure effective delivery of key takeaway messages.

Allan Chernoff, former CNBC and CNN Senior Correspondent, utilizes his deep on-camera broadcast news experience to teach executives how to:

  • make media appearances more impactful

  • eliminate anxiety and remain poised

  • improve clarity

  • become more compelling

  • enjoy media interviews

  • manage tough questions

  • bridge to message

  • increase one's value to journalists

Our intensive on-camera practice, including immediate videotape review, builds confidence as we refine presentation skills. Clients emerge empowered and prepared to make the most of media opportunities. 

Media Training Insights

The Chernoff Difference in Media Training:

  • Decades of on-air experience at CNBC and CNN covering business, finance, and investments

  • Exceptional ability to simplify complex issues and help you build a compelling narrative

  • Closely acquainted with numerous business journalists, including many former colleagues

  • A record of strong success training C-Suite executives