Media Training

Chernoff Communications media training empowers clients to transform interviews into memorable, directed conversations that generate desired results. We eliminate a “firing squad” mentality in which the interview subject feels he must dutifully follow the lead of the interviewer, and replace it with a strategic approach to media interviews. 

Allan Chernoff utilizes his deep on-camera broadcast news experience to teach executives how to:

  • expertly deliver key messages
  • make media appearances more impactful
  • eliminate anxiety
  • remain poised
  • enjoy the interview process
  • manage tough questions
  • bridge to message
  • increase one's value to journalists

Our intensive on-camera practice sessions, followed by constructive and supportive videotape review, build confidence as we refine presentation skills. Clients emerge confident, empowered to meet the media and maximize opportunities during interviews


With three decades of TV network news reporting, Allan Chernoff has more real-life experience as a business broadcast journalist than any media trainer, bar none. As a coach, Allan has assisted internationally-known leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Even so, Chernoff Communications rates are substantially below what major public relations and media training firms charge. This is because we are dedicated to providing both outstanding service and superb value to our clients.